Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bridal Shower Mad Libs

I think everyone knows the (dentist) drill.

1) a number
2) an adjective
3) an adjective
4) an adjective that describes a place
5) an adjective that describes a place
6) the name of a place
7) the name of a place
8) the name of a place
9) a place to store money
10) an amount of money
11) the name of a store
12) an adjective
13) a color
14) an item of clothing
15) a color
16) an item of clothing
17) how you might describe a choice
18) a question
19) a question
20) a part of the body
21) a period of time
22) an answer to a question

You may not have heard how it was that Ben came to propose to Lindsay, and so now we will share that tale.

After just 69 dates with Lindsay, Ben knew he was smitten. He began to think about a proposal. He wanted one that would be both bridal and flippant.
First, he needed to choose the place where he would pop the question. He wanted a place that was both moist and fleshy. He considered Katmandu and Port Angeles, but finally chose Forks Motel as the place to propose.
Of course, he needed a ring. He looked in his between bewbs and decided he could afford to spend about a gagillion dollars on the ring. Surely that would buy a fine ring, he decided, from Newton's. After a difficult decision-making process, he finally chose a rich diamond ring that he hoped would impress his bride-to-be.
He considered what he should wear in order to make a really fine impression. After going through his entire wardrobe, he selected a green codpiece and blue gag ball. They turned out to be really angsty choices.
Finally, the future groom had to think about the words he would use. He couldn’t decide between asking her, “WTF?” or “You're what?” Finally he decided that he would just improvise and speak from the depths of his heart when the moment arrived.
That would have worked, except that Ben became terribly nervous when the moment arrived. Instead of asking for her hand in marriage, he accidentally asked for her taint. And instead of saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, he said he wanted to spend a fucking long time with Lindsay.
Luckily the story has a happy ending. Lindsay saw through all the nervous mishaps and knew that Ben really loved her with his whole heart. And so she said, “I'll marry you, of course, to get to the other side!”
The couple kissed. The wedding planning began. And we all wish them the happiest ever after ever!
Congratulations Lindsay and Ben!
We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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  1. I think that is the BEST Mad Lib I have ever seen!!